“Turnkey solutions for our customers”

Over 2,600 square metres to host any event, the assistance and support of dedicated staff, and the flexibility of a facility that can fulfil any requirement, make our hotel a sound, reliable partner for any happening in town.

(Francesca Lemmi, Events Manager)

With its outstandingly strategic location, its 400-car parking and the city’s most important conference room as well as another five meeting rooms, Hotel Galilei is the best-equipped and most efficient conference centre in town.

The strength of our conference center is the great “Concorde Meeting Room”. More than 680 square meters of column-free spaces, ideal for any type of set up.
The Daylight window, high ceiling and up to date technical equipment make it perfect for various uses: fashion shows, charity events, gala dinners, parties and sporting events.
The presence of large adjoining space suitable as exhibition/sponsor area or registration, complete the offer of Hotel Galilei for major events.

Seating Square metres Size
Sala Concorde Over 350 guests 688.84 sqmt 30.12 m x 22.87 m3.50 m high
Sala Tornado Up to 120 guests 99.30 sqmt 14.15 m x 7.02 m3.00 m high
Sala Mustang Up to 90 guests 81.20 sqmt 10.91 m x 7.44 m
3.00 m high
Sala Dakota Up to 80 guests 76.20 sqmt 10.29 m x 7.48 m
3.00 m high
Sala MIG Up to 30 guests 38.40 sqmt 7.42 m x 4.69 m3.00 m high
Sala Lear Up to 15 guests 22.37 sqmt 6.30 m x 3.55 m
3.00 m high


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