Dear Customer,
as perhaps already happened in the U.E. in the field of data protection. Of particular importance is the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Protecting customer data and complying with data protection laws is our priority. The information is provided by our customers and comes to us.

As data controller under the GDPR, we are subject to legal obligations
– the processing of personal data in a fair and legal manner;
– the adoption of measures to ensure that personal data are accurate and updated when necessary;
– the adoption of adequate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data and ensure that our subcontractors do the same;
– the implementation of a retention policy that ensures that personal data are not kept longer than necessary;
– compliance with data requests when exercising their rights under data protection laws.

Our privacy policy
We enclose our Privacy Policy which explains how we process personal data when we provide services to our customers and how we comply with our compliance obligations under the law.
We therefore ask you to take a look at it.


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Policy Privacy

Policy Privacy (ESP)